August 22, 2013

New Modular Custom L Bracket For Sigma DPM Series from Sunwayfoto

Sunwayfoto PML-DP L Bracket overview

Sigma DP Series of cameras featuring the Foveon Merrill sensor has indisputably dedicated friends but also dedicated foes. Nonetheless, they are dedicated.

Therefore, Sunwayfoto has released the modular PML-DP  Custom L-Bracket wtih detachable hand grip, dedicated of course to the Sigma DP series of cameras.

The PML-DP L-Bracket

Sunwayfoto PML-DP L Bracket diamensions
Sunwayfoto PML-DP follows a three piece modular design, comprised by the base plate, the vertical plate and the hand grip. It is CNC machined from Aluminium with a total weight of only 90 gr (3.17 oz). Its detailed dimensions are shown in the photo above.
Sunwayfoto PML-DP L Bracket front-back-bottom views
The bracket conforms to the Sunwayfoto skeleton design, where any excess material is removed from the grip and the plates, resulting to a minimal weight for the whole structure.
As we can see in the photo above, both the hand grip and the vertical plate are retained by two small screws each, so they can be detached at will anytime. If minimum carrying weight is the goal, then you can keep only the base plate leaving the other components back home. 
Besides the camera attachment 1/4"-20 captive screw, there are 1/4"-20 threaded holes on both the base and the vertical plate for direct mounting on a pod for example.

Attaching the L-Bracket on the Camera

Sunwayfoto PML-DP L Bracket front-back-bottom views on Sigma DP Merrill
Adding only 1 cm (0.39") to the width and height of the camera, the L-Bracket fits flush against the camera body strengthening it against accidental drops, while it offers a handy grip and lens centering marks at the back, but without blocking the battery/memory door as shown in the bottom right photo.
Sunwayfoto PML-DP L Bracket on Sigma DP Merrill - portrait/landscape
The PML-DP L-Bracket permits the quick change of camera orientation in portrait or landscape without having to change the tripod head setup.

All Photos used by permission: © 2013 Sunwayfoto

Price & Availability:
The current retail price for the Sunwayfoto PML-DP L Bracket is US$ 78.00 (+Shipping where applicable) and is available from or from eBay

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