October 24, 2013

New Line of User Serviceable QR Clamps Announced by Desmond

Desmond DDSC-60 Disc QR Clamp dis-assembled

Among the goodies I have received for evaluation from Desmond Photographic Distributors a few days ago, were also three new lightweight, Arca-Swiss® compatible quick release clamps with an innovative design.

Besides the Disc shape, the common denominator of these three QR clamps is a unique moving jaw mechanism, that permits easy dis-assembly so they can be serviced by the end user.

Although, I don't frequently shoot in awkward weather conditions or dusty places, for sure there are photographers who will really appreciate such a feature.
In any way, being able to service your own gear can prove invaluable in some situations.

Desmond DDSC-60 Disc QR Clamp

Manufacturer Specification:
Diameter:60 mm
Height:14 mm
Width w/ knob:92.5 mm
Jaw Lengths:45 / 30 mm
Weight:89 gr

DDSC-60 Disc QR Clamp is very slim and lightweight but its most prominent and unique feature is the detachable bubble level which may be positioned in four (4) different, diagonally arranged holes at the outer clamp perimeter. It still has a larger bubble level fixed into one of the safety stop relief grooves, though.

Desmond DDSC-60 Disc QR Clamp

Desmond DBI-60 90° Bi-directional Disc Clamp

Manufacturer Specification:
Diameter:60 mm
Total Height:24 mm
Upper/Lower Surface Distance:15.5 mm
Width w/ knob:92.5 mm
Jaw Lengths:45 / 30 mm
Weight:149 gr

DBI-60 Biderectional QR Clamp is a world first from Desmond engineers. Based on the DDSC-60 design it is forming a Disc 90° Subtend Clamp with user serviceable mechanisms. Another unique feature is the large embedded bubble level on both clamp surfaces.

Desmond DBI-60 90° Bi-directional Disc Clamp

Desmond D2X30 Double QR Clamp

Manufacturer Specification:
Diameter:60 mm
Total Height:20 mm
Upper/Lower Surface Distance:10 mm
Width w/ knobs:124 mm
Jaw Lengths:30 / 20 mm
Weight:94 gr

D2X30 is a unique slimline Double Subtend QR Clamp with minimal distance between upper and lower clamp surfaces and a minimal weight for its kind. It is also based on the DDSC-60 Disc design with two opposing circle segments removed.

Desmond D2X30 Double QR Clamp

All clamps are precision CNC machined from lightweight Aluminium with stainless steel parts and without any rubber or plastic whatsoever. Featuring, Laser engraved decimal scales on the jaws, safety stop relief grooves, counter sunk center holes with 3/8"-16 thread, promise compatibility with almost all Arca style quick release plates and rails.

Desmond User Serviceable Clamps Family

The innovative moving jaw mechanism is very interesting, so stay tuned for individual detailed reviews soon.

Note: The products illustrated in the photos above are prototypes or first production samples, which may differ slightly in appearance from final products. Also specifications may slightly change on final products.

All Photos & Photosynths: © 2013 S.C.Vlachos

Price & Availability:
As all Desmond products these QR clamps will be offered at low budget prices, and will be available from Amazon.com by next month.

Update Jan 2014
Desmond DDSC-60DBI-60 and D2X30 QR clamps are now available for US$ 29.95, US$ 39.95 and US$ 29.95 respectively, from Amazon.com

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