October 24, 2013

An Innovative Articulated Flash Bracket from Sunwayfoto

Sunwayfoto TFB-01 Flash Bracket w/ flash on camera

I have many times declared a fan of innovation and unique design.
Far more when it comes from a Country broadly known for its copying abilities. :)

Among the products released from Sunwayfoto earlier today, was their first Flash Bracket model.
Sunwayfoto TFB-01 is a fresh idea, approaching the functions required from a flash bracket, with a unique articulated design.

Compact and relatively lightweight, that looks and operates like no other.

The L Bracket

Manufacturer Specification:
Width:140 mm
Height:135 mm
Clamp Type:Arca Style
Weight:221 gr 

As all Sunwayfoto products the TFB-01 is CNC machined from lightweight Aircraft grade Aluminium and then Satin-Black anodized for increased abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Sunwayfoto TFB-01 Flash Bracket front view
Sunwayfoto TFB-01 Flash Bracket camera-side view
The Flash Bracket incorporates an Arca-Swiss® compatible clamp on its horizontal bar which enables it to attach on a small nodal slide or a long lens plate. A steady angled arm holds the articulated flash base. There are two possible adjustments which give a universal nature to the bracket. One is the height adjustment, regulating the distance of the flash bracket from its base, so any camera or lens barrel size can fit in-between.
Sunwayfoto TFB-01 Flash Bracket angle adjustment steps
And the other is the angle adjustment between 0 to 90 degrees with stops at 0° - 45° - 90° via its innovative mechanism. This of course enables quick changes from landscape (horizontal) to portrait (vertical) orientation , without any levers or latches involved.

Using with a Camera

Sunwayfoto TFB-01 Flash Bracket w/ Flash and Camera on nodal slide
Since we talk about an Arca compatible clamping system, in order to use the TFB-01 a nodal slide like the Sunwayfoto DMP-140 pictured above is needed as a mounting base. Obviously, the DMP-140 is first attached on the camera's own Arca style L bracket. Further, in order to control the flash unit there is also a need for an off-camera shoe cord or a wireless flash trigger as the one pictured above.

In my opinion, this is a truly innovative and very interesting approach. Seems quite compact with less protruding parts than similar solutions. I hope I get a TFB-01 for a hands on evaluation and review soon.

I hope you found the information useful, thank you for viewing.
All Photos: by courtesy of Sunwayfoto © 2013

Price & Availability:
The estimated retail price for TFB-01 is US$ 128.00 and will be available in the market by next month.

Update Nov 30. 2013
The TFB-01 is now available for US$ 109.00 from Amazon.com

Update Jun 15, 2014
The retail price for the TFB-01 Flash Bracket was reduced to US$ 69.00 instead of the initial US$ 109.00 which makes it more attractive.
Recommendations for optional Nodal Slides Desmond DNR-120 US$ 39.95, or Sunwayfoto DMP 100R to 200R series
All items are available from Amazon

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