October 24, 2014

New Custom L Bracket for Nikon D810 from Sunwayfoto

Sunwayfoto PNL-D810R on Nikon D810 side view
Sunwayfoto® has just released a Custom L Bracket / Plate for the updated Nikon D810 DSLR Camera.
The new L plate is designed to sit a little further away from the camera side taking into account the distance required for the side connector port covers to open, since the connector ports are repositioned and modified in relation to the ones found on the previous D800 models,

However, the L bracket is also compatible with the D800 and D800E cameras.

Packaging and Contents

Sunwayfoto PNL-D810R box and contents
The Sunwayfoto PNL-D810R comes in the usual recycled carton box with all the necessary screws and tools carefully embedded into the pre-cut foam.

The L Bracket
Manufacturer Specification:
Length:121 mm
Width:39 mm
Height:84 mm
Mounting screw thread:1/4"-20 UNC
Weight:109 gr

As mentioned recently in the More of Sunwayfoto Products Adopt RRS Compatibility the letter "R" at the end of the model name signifies that the dovetail design (width and edge radius) is fully compatible with the RRS® Lever Quick Release Clamps.

Sunwayfoto PNL-D810R rear view
The rear of the PNL-D810R L bracket shows the vertical plate modification and laser engraved Φ lens centering marks on both the base and the vertical plates. The Sunwayfoto logo and model name are laser engraved on the right.
Sunwayfoto PNL-D810R front side view
The angled front side view shows the rear convex edge which prevents the L bracket from twisting, the cut outs of the vertical plate to allow for he side connector covers to open and the strap loop at the end of the base plate.
Sunwayfoto PNL-D810R rear side plate view
The L plate is equipped with two M3 safety stop screws at both ends and the base plate has two tapped 1/4"-20 holes for the possibility of direct mounting on a pod with similar stud.
In general the base plate design is far more simplified compared to the previous PNL-D800 plate intended for the D800/800E cameras.
Sunwayfoto PNL-D810R bottom view
The L bracket bottom is deeply carved where possible in order to eliminate excess material, thus keep the weight down. Quite successfully considering the 109 gr in total. The base plate is also equipped with two M3 safety stop screws and a hex socket 1/4"-20 mounting screw which runs withing a long captive slot.
The base plate dovetail and the side vertical plate dovetail are aligned so there is no need for any re-framing when changing from landscape to portrait orientation and vise versa.

Attaching the L Bracket on the Camera

Sunwayfoto PNL-D810R on Nikon D810 front view
The PNL-D810R L plate fits nicely on the Nikon D810 without adding too much bulk whatsoever.

Sunwayfoto PNL-D810R on Nikon D810 side connectors, bottom and  extended views
As mentioned in the beginning special effort has been given so as the side connector covers may be opened without the need of relocating the side plate in order to do so. On the other hand the long captive slot on the base plate allows the adjustment of the bracket putting the vertical side plate quite far from the side connectors in order to accommodate cables with large jacks for tethered shooting.

I hope you found the information useful, thank you for viewing.
All Photos by courtesy of Sunwayfoto ©2014

Price & Availability:
Expected price for the PNL-D810R L plate is US$ 79.00 and will be available in the stores by next week.
Update Nov 2014
The PNL -D810R L plate is now available from Amazon  for US$ 59.95 or from eBay

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  1. Will this work with a Manfrotto mhxpro-3w tripod head? It's got the 200-pl qr plate.

    1. Not possible, unless you convert the Manfrotto head with an Arca compatible quick release clamp.