February 23, 2017

Announcement of Demon DB-30 Mini Ball Head from Desmond

Demon DB-30 Mini Ball Head Overview

Desmond Photographic Distribution has recently introduced the smallest member of their alternative family of Demons.
The Demon DB-30 Mini ball head despite its small size, promises silky smooth operation with affirmative locking.
As usual with Desmond products, the DB-30 maintains a great value for money ratio compared to similarly priced ball heads.

The Ball Head

Manufacturer Specification:
Type:Single Drop Notch Classic
Ball Diameter:30 mm (1.18")
Base Diameter:40 mm (1.57")
Height:74 mm (2.91")
Bottom  Mounting Thread:3/8"-16
Metal Converter Bushing:3/8"-16 to 1/4"-20
Max Load:5 Kg (11 lb)
Weight:256 gr (9 oz)

Despite the small size, the mini Demon sports independent Friction / Main Lock and Pan Lock Knobs with a 360° laser engraved panning scale.

Demon DB-30 Mini Ball Head Base view w/ lock knobs
Demon DB-30 Mini bottom view of  lock knobs and 3/8"-16 mounting hole.

The DB-30 comes with a 40 mm (1.57") Quick Release clamp which accommodates Arca-swiss style plates as well as RRS dovetail size plates.

Demon DB-30 Mini Ball Head QR clamp and QR plate
A 40 mm (1.57") Arca style Quick Release plate is included in the package.

This size of ball head is ideal for mini table top tripods in order to support smaller DSLRs and the increasing in popularity ILC mirror-less cameras.
Stay tuned for a very competitively priced combo that includes a new table-top tripod and the mini Demon.
New Desmond IMP Mini Tripod Kit Released

I hope you found the information useful, thank you for viewing.
All Photos by courtesy of Desmond Photographic ©2017

Price & Availability:
Introductory price for the Demon DB-30 head is US$ 24.95 and is available either from Amazon or from eBay

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