May 10, 2017

Article of S.C.V. Heavy Duty Multi-Row Panorama Head Updated

Completed SCV Heavy Duty HDR Multi-Row Panorama Head
SCV Heavy Duty HDR Multi-Row Panorama Head with short 6" Nodal Rail
Quite after a long time from its initial release, the article about the concept of my Heavy Duty Multi Row Panorama Head was updated and refined according to the latest versions of the components.

Many times scheduled and postponed it's finally revived.

As a short reminder this Heavy Duty Multi Row Panorama Head structure was designed to cope with large telephoto lenses or large medium format cameras with minimal to none flex or vibrations.

Featuring Indexing Panoramic Rotators both on the vertical arm and the horizontal plain, plus an optional leveling base will give utmost versatility for the creation of standard to Gigapixel Panoramas.

The S.C.V. Heavy Duty Multi Row Panorama Head is not here to reinvent the wheel, but is addressed to the serious amateur or the professional, aiming to offer a top rank sturdiness at a more affordable price.

I hope you will find the article and ideas useful, thank you for your support.
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Price & Availability:
Full information about packages and individual components in the main article.

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