June 25, 2021

Another New Series of Ultra Compact Carbon Fiber Tripods from Sunwayfoto

Sunwayfoto T2541CE Ultracompact CF Tripod

Just a few weeks after the Announcement of New Sunwayfoto Carbon Fiber Tripod Lines and Models Saunwayfoto released a couple of more models which belong to a new series.

This is called the Ultra Compact Series comprised at the moment by two models the T2541CE and T2841CE
As denoted by the model names the first comes with 25 mm top leg diameter in 4 sections and he second comes with 28 mm top leg diameter in 4 sections, both are equipped with center column.

Which is what makes them actually different than the recently released T2540CT and T2840CE. The design of the center column has a triangular shape allowing the the leg tubes to nest inside it when closed.

Sunwayfoto T2541CE Triangular Column overview

The overall volume of the tripods is thus reduced  by 27-28%. They become slimmer and far more compact compared to their traveller equivalents when closed down for transport.

Sunwayfoto T2541CE Ultracompact vs T2540CT Traveller

Nonetheless, the new models share the same innovative characteristics, some of them unique and patented, as the recently released ones.

Common Characteristics Summary 

Besides the top grade Carbon Fiber tubes, the aerospace quality Aluminum and hard coat anodizing, all new Sunwayfoto models share the completely new weatherproofing system with redesigned twist leg locks.
All twist locks are new weather sealed from dust and grit, but not only since they are completely waterproof due to isolating O rings on top and bottom which seal the contacts after locking, while leaving the legs extract and retract freely when unlocked.
More than that the Super-Fit Silicone lock grips have gone under special treatment so they don't slip even after long submersion under water.

Patented Sealed Twist Lock system

Rigidity and stability of the leg joints has been enhanced further. The alignment friction tube shims between the leg sections are of one piece and 40 mm / 1.6 in long. This means more accuracy in the leg movement and utmost rigidity when the leg sections are fully extended.
Furthermore, the aluminum lock rings on the wider diameter upper part are not only glued on the carbon tube but also screwed since the tubes are now threaded.

Improved friction shims and dual O-rings

The leg hinges are completely redesigned in order to avoid loosening up after frequent use. An innovative mechanism that uses an inclined surface between the inner connecting part and the leg joint prevents the screws from twisting and loosening up.

New patented leg hinges design

Another improved feature shared with new models is the spring loaded leg lock latches.
You only need to pull out the latch when wider leg angles are desired. Shift leg in place and the latch clicks back securing the leg.

New patented semi automatic leg latches

Now, lets take a closer look at what each the new Ultra Compact model have to offer in characteristics and features.

The T2541CE Ultra Compact Series

Manufacturer Specification:
Number of Leg Sections:4
Tube Diameters (mm):25/22/19/16
Folded Length:44 cm
Height with Extended Legs:7-143 cm
Platform Diameter:44 mm
Weight:1.1 Kg
Load Capacity:12 Kg
Leg Angles:23°, 55°, 85° 
Mounting Stud:3/8"  

The smaller in size T2541CE is an extremely compact and lightweight solution for the avid traveler and backpacker. 

The T2841CE Ultra Compact Series

Manufacturer Specification:
Number of Leg Sections:4
Tube Diameters (mm):28/25/22/19
Folded Length:48 cm
Height with Extended Legs:7-159 cm
Platform Diameter:53 mm
Weight:1.4 Kg
Load Capacity:15 Kg
Leg Angles:23°, 55°, 85° 
Mounting Stud:3/8"  

Being only 300 gr heavier and minimally larger the T2841CE serves those who want to travel with a little heavier camera and longer telephoto lenses.

Otherwise both models share the same design features. The central column twist lock is replaced by a lock latch on the side of the apex, so the top mounting plate rests flat on top of the apex offering max stability.
The top mounting plate is equipped with rubber pads as well as three set screws for the center column and one larger set screw for the heads to be mounted.

Sunwayfoto Ultra Compact top mounting plate

The apex design is completely different, allows the reversal of the center column,  This also results in a lower ground level position when center column is removed as shown further down.

Sunwayfoto Ultra Compact reversed column
The redesigned solid Aluminum counter balance hook is attached directly on the center column.

Along with the tripod comes a completely innovative short center column which may replace the long one and comes flash to the apex making it a full mounting plate which permits the tripod to go down at 7 cm minimum ground level height.

As shown below an extra set screw is provided on the apex to fix a head and avoid shifting.

Sunwayfoto Ultra Compact short center column

Last but not least, there are a few extra 1/4"-20 accessory mounting holes around the apex, which allow the attachment of brackets, lights and mobile phone stands.

Sunwayfoto Ultra Compact accessory mounting holes

Contents and Accessories

The Ultra Compact Series tripod models are accompanied by new Carrying cases with ample space for a ball head and pockets for accessories.
Inside the cases you will find User manuals, Stainless Steel Spikes with water insulation rings, a Cleaning Cloth, the short Center Column and all necessary sizes of Allen hex keys for the tripod screws.

Ultra Compact Series Box Contents and Accessories

I hope you found the information useful, thank you for viewing.
All Photos by courtesy of Sunwayfoto ©2021

Price & Availability:
Recommended Retail Prices the Ultra Compact models are as follows: T2541CE US$ 219.00, T2841CE US$ 299.00 Both will soon be available from major chain stores, Amazon and eBay. 

Meanwhile you may also purchase directly from the Sunwayfoto Store 
the T2541CE and

the T2841CE 

Please note that we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases through above affiliate links.

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