April 14, 2014

New Dedicated Modular L Bracket for Fujifilm X-T1 from Hejnar Photo

Fujifilm X-T1 w/ Hejnar Photo X-T1 L bracket front view
Hejnar PHOTO has just released a Dedicated modular L Bracket for the recently released but already very popular Fujifilm X-T1 Interchangeable Lens Compact mirrorless camera.

The Hejnar PHOTO X-T1 modular L Bracket follows the same concept of the Hejnar Photo Modular L Bracket for Fuji X-E1 & X-E2 previewed recently but with a modified camera base plate dedicated  to the Fujifilm X-T1.

March 31, 2014

Create a Leveled Panoramic Rotator via the SCV-Flip-Kit - Part Three

Inverted Benro B2 Ball Head w/ Desmond DNR-120 Nodal Slide
This is the third article on the Create a Leveled Panoramic Rotator via the SCV-Flip-Kit theme aiming to help with more ideas on the implementation of the Desmonf SCV-FK Flip Kit.
Therefore, this third part is an addendum to the previous two articles in order to present the use of the enhanced Desmond SCV-FK Flip Kit along with a lower budget and more common ball head like the Benro B-2. Due to the resemblances, readers of the previous articles may find some parts sounding familiar or identical.

The refined idea of an inverse mounted ball head equipped with a panning base, which automatically gives to it leveling base attributes, as well as how I arrived to designing the SCV-FK Flip-Kit is fully described and explained in the original article.
Therefore, in order to avoid repeating myself, please refer to the original article Create an Economy Leveled Panoramic Rotator via a Ball Head Flip-Kit if you find difficulty comprehending the process or the purpose.

March 30, 2014

Sun Traps in the Woods...

Sun traps in the woods I

Spring is definitely around and a recent visit to the outskirts of the city let me enjoy the mid day sun rays forming sun traps within the woods.

March 26, 2014

Sunwayfoto FB-36DDH Lightweight Ball Head Review

Sunwayfoto FB-36DDH Lightweight Ball Head
Since the introduction of the Sunwayfoto FB Series Lightweight ball heads in July 2012, I have many times referred to their improved versions or the addition of newer models into the series.

However, the arrival of the Nest NT-6294C Carbon Fiber Traveler Tripod for evaluation and review, without the native Nest ball head, was a good opportunity to combine it with a ball head of matching characteristics. Specifically the Sunwayfoto FB-36DDH lightweight ball head which was equipped for the purpose with the DDH-02 panning QR clamp.

In this way I could both maintain a very transportable solution and also have the chance for a long term test and separate review of an FB series ball head.
My long term good experience with the Sunwayfoto DB-36TRLR Traveler Ball Head (reviewed in Mrach 2012), undoubtedly set a standard on what to expect from the performance of a traveller ball head. So let's see how the newer and lighter FB-36 copes.

March 21, 2014

Improved Sunwayfoto Custom Modular L Bracket for SONY a7 / a7R

SONY a7 w/ Sunwayfoto PSL-a7II L Bracket
Sunwfayfoto has recently released a second version of a custom Arca-Swiss® compatible Quick Release Modular L Bracket dedicated to the SONY® high end full frame mirrorless a7 and a7R cameras.

The design of the new PSL-a7II L bracket differs in many aspects from their original PSL-a7 L Bracket introduced last December which followed a very lightweight design pattern.

March 19, 2014

Desmond Accessory Stick-on Rubber Washers - Review

Desmond Stick-on Rubber Washers Assortment
Rubber is well known for its many qualities, be it water-tightness or air-tightness, be it electrical insulation as a bad conductor, or even vibration dampening. Therefore it has found applications in many fields.
Further, rubber is elastic and has a high friction coefficient which makes it a perfect solution for use in the photographic support industry as an anti-twist mechanism.
The most common example are many universal camera quick release plates, which have rubber pads embedded on their top surface for this purpose.