December 5, 2017

Desmond DB-44 Ball Head Comes Revamped

Desmond DB-44 Ball Head Overview

Six months after the introduction of the massive DB-52 with a new style, Desmond Photographic are now introducing its medium sized sibling with a familiar model name for Desmond, the DB-44 ball head.

Much like the Desmond DB-52 the new head follows the same design with independent friction control ring, a panning lock knob and is combined with the well known by now Desmond DAC-X1 (review) skeleton quick release clamp.

November 29, 2017

Sunwayfoto Released CR-3015 Medium Size Panorama Heads - Preview

Sunwayfoto CR-3015A Pano Head overview

Sunwayfoto engineers have been working for some time now in order to introduce a more compact and more versatile panoramic head model than their large and heavy Panoramic Heads that have been around for many years now.
This medium sized 360° VR Panoramic head was released this month featuring a lot of goodies and innovations in one compact package under the CR-3015 model name.

November 28, 2017

Preview of Updated Style Hejnar PHOTO Quick Release Clamp Series

Hejnar Photo F363 QR clamp overview

Despite some minor changes the look and feel of the Hejnar family of quick release clamps has remained unaltered for the past five or six years.
Somehow, a breeze of change started with the introduction of the new F291 last month, subsequently followed by the F361 and most recently the a new F363 and F363b, with a new approach to the shape and style of Hejnar clamps.

November 14, 2017

November 11, 2017

Sunwayfoto GH-01 Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head Released

Sunwayfoto GH-01 Gimbal Head overview

Sunwayfoto have finally released their GH-01 heavy duty Carbon Fiber Gimbal head which we saw in the Sneak Peek of Sunwayfoto Heavy Duty Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head last August.
The final product has been improved and reinforced at many points. Nonetheless, some changes are obvious, while others are invisible to the end user. In any case the overall stability and balancing were improved.

November 8, 2017

Shooting Food at MissHelen Music Restaurant

Shooting food plates can be a straight forward procedure for some, or become a quite complex task depending on what you want to accomplish.
Nowadays, everyone or almost everyone (as I'm not included) is with a smartphone in hand shooting food in restaurants transferring the image on social media. On the other hand when a restaurant wants to promote their dishes, chooses more sophisticated methods.

November 3, 2017

New Hejnar PHOTO F52 Dual 90° Angle Quick Release Clamp Preview

Hejnar PHOTO F52 90° angle QR Clamp overview

Yet another addition to the Hejnar Special Clamps family came up late last month. It is a modular 90° angle dual quick release clamp with the simple model name F52.
The F52 90° angle clamp can find many uses like attaching two rails perpendicular to each other so they may be used for lens support or even can hold one or more rails in vertical position for shooting panoramas and/or stereo 3D images.

October 29, 2017

Announcement of Dedicated QR Plate for Fuji X100F from Hejnar PHOTO

Hejnar Photo D037 QR Plate

It's been a long time since Hejnar Photo has been engaged with dedicated plates for the Fujifilm cameras. Hejnar small off center Arca style plates cover almost all Fuji models as well as the fixed lens Finepix with the Dedicated D027 QR Plate for Fuji X100/S back in Feb 2014.

The Finepix successor model however, the X100F, required a slightly modified plate, therefore the Hejnar D037 comes to fill this need.

October 22, 2017

New Sunwayfoto L Bracket for the new Nikon D850 - Preview

Sunwayfoto PNL-D850 L bracket on Nikon D850

Sunwayfoto® has announced the release of their new Custom L Bracket ( Plate ) for the new high end Nikon D850 DSLR Camera.
The new PNL-D850 L plate is similar to the PNL-D810R dedicated to the previous Nikon D810. Both are designed to sit a little further away from the camera side taking into account the distance required for the side connector port covers to open.

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