January 29, 2015

RS-60E3 Compatible Remote Release Cable for Canon

RS-60E3 compatible Remote Release Cable on Canon EOS 550D
It is well known that a remote cable helps transferring the shutter release button away from the camera, thus avoiding direct contact and unwanted vibrations.

After my posts about TC-80N3 compatible Timer Remote ControllerRS-80N3 Remote Release Cable and YongNuo Wireless Remote Control, the only one left without mention was a remote compatible with the low end EOS and the high end G series Powershot cameras.

Sunwayfoto Custom Plate for Canon 5D Mk III Updated

Following the latest trend where More of Sunwayfoto Products Adopt RRS Compatibility, at least in the US market where the interest is stronger, Sunwayfoto has released a new version of their PC-5DIII custom QR plate for the Canon EOS 5D Mk III DSLR body.

The new PC-5DIIIR plate differs only in the dovetail design which makes it fully compatible with the RRS® lever release clamps.

All other specs remain the same

New Custom Plate for Canon EOS 7D Mk II (Body) from Sunwayfoto Preview

Sunwayfoto PC-7DIIR attached on Canon EOS 7D Mk II bottom view
Together with the announcement of the New Custom L Bracket for Canon EOS 7D Mk II  also previewed here, Sunwayfoto® have released a new dedicated Arca style base Plate specifically designed for the new Canon EOS 7D Mk II (Body without a battery grip).

With code PC-7DIIR, the plate follows the same design with convex edges and RRS® lever release clamp compatibility, as the L Bracket.

New Custom L Bracket for Canon EOS 7D Mk II (Body) from Sunwayfoto Preview

Sunwayfoto PCL-7DIIR L Bracket on Canon EOS 7D Mk II w/ remote
Just after the New Year holidays Sunwayfoto® have announced a new dedicated L bracket and a dedicate QR plate specifically designed for the all new Canon EOS 7D Mk II DSLR (Body without a battery grip).

The PCL-7DIIR L Bracket that was released last week, follows the latest Sunwayfoto hollowed out design with convex edges while the letter "R" at end of the model name signifys that its dovetail design is fully compatible with RRS® Lever Quick Release Clamps.

January 19, 2015

New Hejnar PHOTO Dedicated QR Plate for Canon Powershot G1X MkII

Hejnar D028 QR Plate for Canon Powershot G1X MkII
Along with the inauguration of their redesigned Online Store, Hejnar PHOTO is introducing their first Arca-Swiss® compatible, Quick Release plate for a Canon camera.

Hejnar PHOTO is well known up to now for their Quick Release plates and L brackets for Nikon and Fujifilm cameras.

Somehow, the new camera plate is not dedicated, as one would expect, to one of the popular Canon DSLRs but to the Powershot G1X Mk II large sensor compact camera.

Hejnar Photo Online Store and Discount Coupon Renewed for 2015

The new year 2015 brings out a newly developed Hejnar PHOTO Online Store, more functional and much faster in operation than before.

Along with the inauguration of their new store today, Hejnar PHOTO is once again rewarding the long term good relationship with the readers and friends of S.C.V. Photography Ideas, by the update of their discount coupon for 2015.

The updated coupon offers a 5% discount on all items purchased directly from the Hejnar PHOTO online store.

December 22, 2014

Custom L Bracket for Nikon D750 DSLR from Sunwayfoto

Sunwayfoto PNL-D750R Custom L Bracket on Nikon D750
Sunwayfoto's announcement of the PN-D750R Custom QR plate for the Nikon D750 FX DSLR was almost immediately followed by the announcement of the equivalent L Bracket.

The PNL-D750R is an Arca-Swiss® compatible L Bracket designed specifically for the D750.

Same as the QR plate the L Bracket adheres to the long time standard manufacturing processes of all Sunwayfoto products. CNC machining from aircraft grade aluminium and anodization in Black for increased corrosion resistance.

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