March 19, 2015

New 1/4"-20 Knurled Flathead Screws from Desmond

Desmond Thumb/Coin driven SS 1/4"-20 Screws
In their effort to fulfill as many as possible customer demands, Desmond Photographic Distributors have released another variation of an 1/4"-20 captive screw.

Further to their D-Ring, Cap hex socket and Flathead screw lines, this one has a Knurled Flathead and may easily be driven by Thumb but also by a Coin or a Flat screwdriver.

March 18, 2015

Desmond CAB-1 Cable Anchor Clamp Review

Desmond CAB-1 Cable Anchor Clamp
Are you shooting in tethered mode frequently?
Having two or three cables hanging out from the side of your camera?
Well I always do, when I shoot in house, all the product "studio" sessions are shot tethered.
This involves a USB cable, an AC to DC coupler cable and sometimes a Wireless Remote cable.

Trust me, the most frustrating part comes when once a while I accidentally step on one of the cables, and connection with the PC is lost due to an unplugged cable.

Hejnar PHOTO Products now also Available on Amazon

SCV PhotoIdeas News logo
Another breakthrough for Hejnar PHOTO in the year 2015 besides the development of a totally redesigned Hejnar PHOTO Online Store, is the introduction of Hejnar PHOTO products into the catalogues of the largest e-commerce retailer in the world.

March 17, 2015

Desmond Aluminium Washers / Spacers Review

Desmond Aluminium Washers / Spacers X 2
Owners of tripods with an adjustable  mounting stud (which usually is also the reversible type) do not face any problem, with mounting ball heads or other equipment independent of their bottom mounting hole depth.

Nonetheless, there are always cases of those tripods with a fixed length mounting stud.
In this case if you run across a head or other device with a shallow depth bottom mounting hole it will be quite difficult to mount.

March 11, 2015

Hejnar Photo MHR1 Monopod Tilt Head Review

The Hejnar Monopod Head was initially introduce in 2011 and has passed from different phases of evolution and improvements since.

The result of this evolution is the latest MHR1 model, in review here.
This R1 model is a slimmer and lighter iteration of the original Monopod Head but still very sturdy. It sports on its top, a robust Hejnar 6 cm (2.36") Quick Release clamp with a long screw knob, which is easily relocatable by 90° into three positions in relation to the head's tilting axis.

Hands on impressions were very good to excellent, justifying Hejnar Photo's claims about precision in machining to tight tolerances and robustness.

March 3, 2015

Matin Neoprene Lens Pouch Set Review

Matin Neoprene Lens Pouch Set of 4
Neoprene is a quite durable synthetic material that besides thermal insulation provides also great protection and shock absorption.

The Matin lens pouches are made of 3mm thin neoprene fabric, the same material that in thicker versions is used for scuba diving suits.
These neoprene lens pouches are very soft and elastic, but still durable enough to hold and protect your lenses and not only as we shall see further down.

March 2, 2015

New Hejnar PHOTO Dedicated Modular L Bracket for SONY a7II

Hejnar PHOTO Dedicated L Bracket on SONY a7II
The Hejnar Photo line of Dedicated modular L Brackets for SONY cameras was enriched a couple of days ago with a dedicated L Bracket for the SONY α7ΙΙ Interchangeable Lens Mirrorless Camera.

The L Bracket follows the standard 2 part Hejnar Arca-Swiss® compatible modular design, as almost all of Hejnar Photo L Brackets dedicated to the SONY family of mirrorless cameras.

February 25, 2015

Hejnar Photo Universal Modular L Bracket 44 Review

The Hejnar PHOTO Universal Modular L Bracket 44 follows the concept of the Modular Hejnar Photo Universal Camera L Brackets previewed quite some time ago.

Much like the Universal Modular L Bracket 22 reviewed last April the L Bracket 44 is a pre-assembled package of the Hejnar Universal L Bracket Base 4 combined with the Hejnar Universal L Bracket Side 4.

I will continue mentioning in all my previews and reviews concerning universal L brackets, that there are both advantages and disadvantages in choosing a universal L bracket instead of a Custom / Dedicated L bracket.

February 23, 2015

New Feet and Extenders for Metabones Adapter from Hejnar Photo

Hejnar Foot Assembly with Metabones Adapter
Metabones® Adapters are quite popular with Interchangeable Lens Compact Cameras, expanding the arsenal of lenses with models coming from long established manufacturers like Canon and Nikon.

Although the latest Metabones adapters feature a tripod mounting foot, beeing Arca-compatible even, there are some restrictions and limitations when the users come to deploy a large diameter lens, a Battery Grip or a Tilt-Shift lens.

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