August 26, 2014

Green Blue Sea Waters Against White Cloud Formations

Sitting on the 7 km long sandy beach of Skala* one early August afternoon, I soothed my gaze into the deep green and blue waters of the Ionian Sea. The contrasty bright white cloud formations gathering above the mainland were a great incentive to let my laziness go and reach for my camera.

August 25, 2014

Desmond DMH-1 Monopod Tilt Head Preview

Desmond DMH-1 Monopod Tilt Head w/ DAC-X1 Skeleton Clamp
August is a vacation month for many but also a productive month for others.

The latter applies to Desmond Photographic Distributors, who chose this month to introduce their first low-budget but sturdy Tilt / Monopod Head.

The DMH-1 follows the usual to date Desmond concept, of a sturdy structure in good finish accompanied by a low price tag.

The design is modular and the head can be purchased stand alone or combined with one the most popular Desmond quick release clamps.

August 3, 2014

July 22, 2014

Hejnar PHOTO F-GH2780QR Arca QR Clamp for Gitzo Ball Heads Preview

Hejnar PHOTO F-GH2780QR QR Clamp on Gitzo GH2780QR Ball Head
Up to now Hejnar PHOTO has successfully designed and released quite a number of conversion plates as well as clamps for various Manfrotto® heads, in order to enable the use of versatile Arca-Swiss® compatible quick release plates, rails or L brackets with them.
It was about time for Chris Hejnar to introduce a conversion for Gitzo® heads, with a new replacement clamp designed specifically to fit the Gitzo® GH2780QR Center ballhead with quick release.

July 18, 2014

Sunwayfoto DDH-03i Panning Clamp Reduced Torque Capacity

Sunwayfoto DDH-03i Panning Clamp overview
A few days ago I received an email from a reader asking for my opinion (thanks Ray) on an issue he was experiencing with a recently acquired DDH-03i panning clamp.

The clamp did not seem to be able to withstand the load of a Nikon D600 + 70-200mm f:2.8 (approx 2.5 kg) set out by 18cm from the center of the clamp.

Therefore, I had to order a DDH-03i clamp and verify the panning lock strength before running into any conclusions.

July 9, 2014

Samsung 64GB SDXC Pro Memory Cards Promotion at Adorama

Samsung 64GB SDXC Pro Memory Card
If you are looking for some extra memory,  then how about saving 60% on Samsung Pro Series memory cards at Adorama?

Samsung Pro series memory cards boast a 4-proof technology, protected from water, magnets, extreme temperatures and x-rays.

Operating in temperatures from -25°C to 85°C while being water proof and safe, even in seawater since Samsung SD Memory Cards are tested and proven to last up to 24-hours in seawater.

July 8, 2014

Aeonium Arboreum Var. Atropurpureum "Schwartzkopf"

Aeonium Arboreum Var. Atropurpureum "Schwartzkopf"

Last week during a visit to a friends' summer house I came across a very interesting and impressive specimen of the succulent plants family with shiny burgundy colored leaves.