June 2, 2012

New Benro gear Blog in the block!

DC-Photogrpahy-Reviews blog - screen caption

A new very interesting blog started out in May 2012, with original News, Previews and Reviews mainly on Benro photographic support gear.

The DC-Photography-Reviews blog is maintained by a member of my Recommended Sellers page Mr. D.Chan of DC's Photo Stuff (Photo Tomato) on eBay, well known to many photography enthusiasts, as a Benro seller.

Mr. Chan's immediate access to the Benro factory and facilities, gives him the opportunity of first hand information and news that are seldom found in Benro's own web site or even less likely in Benro distributors' web sites.

The actual content of the blog discriminates it from the totally advertisement oriented blogs and the likes.
As Mr. Chan says: Let's help him with his effort so he can help us in return!

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