June 1, 2012

Hejnar PHOTO F60 1" Quick Release Clamp Review

Hejnar PHOTO F60 1" Quick Release Clamp Overview
Hejnar PHOTO F60 is the smallest quick release clamp in the Hejnar collection, with only 1" (2,54cm) long jaws.
It was originally designed having in mind a solution for small table top tripods and P&S or 4/3 cameras equipped with the appropriate small Arca Swiss® compatible base plates as we shall see further on.

However, its small size is also ideal and what exactly I had in mind for a flash bracket holder and/or a Long Lens Support Bracket vertical regulator for short collar foot lenses.

The Clamp

Manufacturer Specification:
Model:F60 1" Mini Clamp
Jaw Length:2.54 cm ( 1.0")
Center Socket:Countersunk on one side for 1/4" or M6 screw
and threaded 3/8"-16
Clamp knob:Screw, Captive stops at max opening
Weight:45 gr (1.7 oz)
Material:6061-T6 Aluminium, Black hard coat anodized
Made in:U.S.A.

Hejnar PHOTO F60 + screw + hex key - top
The F60 clamp comes in a padded package with one 1/4"-20 screw, 3/4" (1,9 cm) long and the appropriate Allen Hex key.
As all Hejnar Photo products it is machined from 6061-T6 Aluminium and is black hard coat anodized with a black knob and weighs only 45gr (1.7 oz). The aluminum knob has a diamond pattern grip. Its diameter is 3/4" (1,9 cm) and extends also by 3/4" (1,9 cm) behind the clam. The center socket is countersunk on top but also threaded 3/8”-16.
Laser engraved Φ center marks are present on both jaws, as well as a laser engraved Hejnar PHOTO logo at the front.
Hejnar PHOTO F60 + screw + hex key - bottom
On the bottom (or back) side of the F60 clamp we can see a groove perpendicular to the center hole, which matches some ball head connection notches preventing it from twisting, as well as an extra hole in front of the groove) which is used for the insertion of an alignment dowel pin. A dowel pin can be utilized for the proper alignment on quite a few Hejnar Photo rails or when someone wants to mount two clamps back to back as an alignment/anti-twisting mechanism (more on that a little further down).
The larger hole under the stable jaw serves just to minimize weight as much as possible.
Hejnar PHOTO F60 vs F61 QR clamp comparison
A side by side comparison with the immediately larger in the Hejnar collection F61 1,5" (38mm) clamp, makes obvious the size difference. Although very small, the F60 maintains the same moving jaw design, with hidden tongues and springs, which prevents the accumulation of dirt.

Using the Clamp...
As a Flash Bracket holder / regulator
When I first visualized the idea of a low budget Flash bracket in Create an Economy Telephoto Flash Bracket I had in mind to use an 1" quick release clamp, as this would be ideally at the same width with the Boling C-Shaped flash bracket. However, I had available the little larger F010 clamp then, so I made a small compromise.
As soon as I acquired the smaller F60 clamp I felt that the realization of the original idea was now complete.

Hejnar PHOTO F60 w/ Boling C-Shape flash bracket
Using the 1/4"-20 flat screw and Allen hex key, provided by the clamp manufacturer, simply screw the clamp on the Boling's S-shaped base longitudinally. In this case the bracket's S-shaped base orientation must be kept in its original state.
Hejnar PHOTO F60 + Boling C-Shape flash bracket on lens plate
It is very easy to slide in the flash bracket by the small QR clamp on the top dovetail, of the protruding part...
Hejnar PHOTO F60 + Boling C-Shape flash bracket on lens plate -knob side
...of a long lens plate like the Kiwi Fotos LP-100 pictured above, and tighten it in place.
Hejnar PHOTO F60 + Boling C-Shape flash bracket on LLSB -knob side
In case a Long Lens Support Bracket is used for better lens stabilization, the flash bracket can be mount on the LLSB rail allowing greater freedom of back-forth adjustment.

Back to back with another clamp

Quite a few times in the past, as in the Hejnar PHOTO F010A and F012 Quick Release Clamps Review I had demonstrated the usefulness of attaching two clamps back to back which as a result gives us a sliding clamp and even more the ability to change a clamp's orientation.

Hejnar PHOTO F60 + F61 QR clamps + accessories

The extra parts needed for accomplishing the task are pictured in the photo to the right.
An F61 QR clamp, an 1/4"-20 to 3/8"-16 converter like the Hejnar Stainless Steel conversion bushing and a dowel pin. (The 1/4"-20 flat head screw and Allen hex key are included with the F60 QR clamp anyway).

Hejnar PHOTO F61 + F60 QR clamp w/ dowel pin
Screw the 1/4"-20 to 3/8"-16 bushing in the center socket of either clamp as pictured above, and tighten it up with a small coin or a wide flat screwdriver as far as it can go. Then insert the dowel pin in the small hole at the bottom of the F60 QR clamp. The dowel pin ensures the proper alignment of the clamps and functions also as an anti twist mechanism.
Hejnar PHOTO F60 on F61 QR clamp back to back
Bringing the clamps back to back all it needs to be done is to insert and screw the 1/4"-20 flat head screw in...
Hejnar PHOTO F61 on F60 QR clamp back to back
...the bushing on the other side.

On a small Pod

As mentioned in the beginning, F60 QR clamp was designed having in mind the small footprint of P&S or 4/3s cameras.

Hejnar PHOTO D010 1" camera plate w/ ridge
(Photo by courtesy of Hejnar PHOTO)

A Hejnar PHOTO D010 1" camera plate with ridge (pictured on the right), is most appropriate for these cameras, so a small size and low weight QR clamp is the best companion.

Hejnar PHOTO F60 QR clamp w/ Fotomate V-Pod-S tabletop tripod
With the aid of a 1/4"-20 to 3/8"-16 conversion bushing screwed on the 1/4"-20 stud of the Fotomate V-Pod-S Table Top Tripod...
Hejnar PHOTO F60 QR clamp screwed on Fotomate V-Pod-S tabletop tripod
...Hejnar PHOTO F60 QR Clamp can be easily attached on top in order to facilitate the quick mounting and dismounting of a small camera or a flash unit.
Hejnar PHOTO F60 QR clamp w/ Fotomate V-Pod-S w/o ballhead
If you intend to use the V-Pod-S as a Grip the F60 QR clamp can also be mounted directly on top of the pod via an 1.4"-20 to 3/8'-16 conversion bushing.
Hejnar PHOTO F60 QR clamp screwed w/ Fotomate V-Pod-S as grip

Hejnar PHOTO F60 QR + Fotomate V-Pod-S as grip - vertical
Just in a few seconds.

As a Long Lens Support Bracket vertical regulator

The small F60 QR clamp may prove quite appropriate as a Long Lens Support Bracket vertical regulator for lenses with a short collar foot. Its small size will permit a Lens Support Bracket like the Hejnar LSB-R2 to get lower and closer to the horizontal rail.

Hejnar PHOTO F60 QR clamp w/ G13-80 rail

Pictured on the left are Hejnar G13-80 8" rail equipped with an anti twist dowel pin in the relevant front hole and the F60 1" QR clamp.

You may find more info about LLSB solutions in the Ideas for a Long Lens Support Bracket (Part 1)(Part 2)(Part 3)(Part 4) articles.

Hejnar PHOTO F60 QR clamp on G13-80 rail front hole
F60 screwed in the relevant 1/4"-20 threaded front hole of the G013-80 rail.
Hejnar PHOTO F60 QR clamp + G13-80 rail front hole w/ LSB-R2
Hejnar PHOTO LSB-R2 secured as lower as possible by the F60 QR clamp.
Canon EOS50D+BG-E2N+EF100-400L-IS-USM +Hejnar PHOTO LLSB+F60 clamp+G013-80+F50 clamp on Sunwayfoto XB-44 ball head
The complete Hejnar PHOTO Long Lens Support Bracket setup LSB-R2 + F60 clamp + G013-80 rail + F50 Double side clamp, mounted on the Sunwayfoto XB-44 Low Profile ball head, during its recent testing for review.

A handy, little quick release clamp of high quality machining and finishing, that can prove a nice solution for many applications in the ever expanding Arca Swiss® compatible support system.

Update Nov 2013

The latest version of the Hejnar F60 Quick Release Clamp follows the changes applied to the larger Updated Hejnar PHOTO Quick Release Clamps, featuring a decimal laser engraved scale on both clamp jaws.

(Photo by courtesy of Hejnar PHOTO)

I hope you found the review and ideas useful, thank you for viewing.
All Photos: © 2012 S.C.Vlachos

Price & Availability:
Current price for the F60 QR clamp is US$ 45.00 (+Shipping where applicable) and is available from Hejnar Photo online Store

If you are interested in the product, do check the Recommended Sellers page for a valid Hejnar Photo discount coupon before ordering.

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