April 9, 2013

Canon EOS 5D Mk II + 24-105L IS USM kit at rock bottom price


No doubt Canon EOS 5D Mk II is a discontinued model and replaced by the more feature rich but more expensive Mk III while the price gap was filled by the new EOS 6D.
Nevertheless, EOS 5D Mk II had set new landmarks and is still a dream camera in the wish list for many.  If you are in Europe and looking for a used EOS 5D MkII then you may have it brand new together with the EF 24-105L IS USM lens at the price of a used bundle.

Amazon.co.uk has a special deal for the Canon EOS 5D Mk II digital SLR camera + 24-105L IS USM kit at the price of  UK £1,849.99 including free delivery in the UK.Get it while stock lasts.

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