November 11, 2015

Limited Time Discounts on Sunwayfoto Products for the Holiday Season

Sunwayfoto Products Collage II
According to the Sunwayfoto announcement of yesterday, they have introduced significant price drops on almost all of their products for the Holiday Season.

Starting November 9, 2015; with the exception of the recently released tripods and products with a RRP below $20, all other products are offered with discounted prices by a percentage ranging from 10 up to a stunning 48 % !

Unfortunately the price drops will come to an end together with the holiday season promotion on December 30, 2015.

Since it would be impossible to list all price changes here, I made a table with examples of price drops related to the products presented in this blog in the past.

For all other products, you may click on the links in the Availability section at the end of the article.

ModelArticle/ReviewRRPNov 9 - Dec 30Price Drop
Ball Heads
$ 149.00$ 119.00~20.0%
XB-44 Low Profile
$ 299.00$ 229.00~23.4%
Indexing Rotators
$ 69.95$ 65.00~7%
DDP-64M (Updated)
$ 99.95$ 90.00~10%
Leveling Bases
$ 79.95$ 70.00~12.5%
$ 129.00$ 90.00~30.2%
$ 162.00$ 129.00~20.3%
Quick Release Clamp
DDY-64i Discal
$ 36.95$ 32.95~10.5%
DDY-64iL Discal
$ 45.00$ 34.95~22%
DLC-42 Dual
$ 55.00$ 45.95~16.5%
DLC-60L Dual
$ 55.00$ 45.95~16.5%
Custom L Brackets
for EOS 5D MkIII
$ 79.00$ 54.95~30.4%
PCL-5DIIIG for EOS 5D MkIII w/ Grip
$ 99.00$ 74.95~24.2%

$ 99.00$ 74.95~24.2%
PNL-D810R for Nikon D800/D810
$ 79.00$ 69.95~11.5%
PFL-XT1R for Fujifilm X-T1
$ 59.00$ 34.95~40.7%
PSL-a7IINR for SONY a7II and a7RII
$ 59.95$ 49.95~16.7%
(Click on the pictures or links in the table to go to the corresponding article and/or review page)

Taking into consideration the exemplary Sunwayfoto quality offered at an already excellent value for money ratio, I would rate the new Holiday Season prices as Real Bargains.

I hope you found the information useful, thank you for viewing.
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