March 1, 2016

Announcement of LUŽID Circular Polarizer and ND1000 Brass Filters.

LUŽID ND1000 66 mm Neutral Demsity filter
Yet another new brand name of high end, premium quality filters, has been announced by Desmond Photographic Distribution, U.S.A.
The LUŽID brand owes its name, most probably, after Lucid or Translucent in German, which in turn denotes the extra fine quality of these filters with the least possible interference in the light passing through them.

The brand moto "Art of Sharp" is another lead to the intentions of the designers and manufacturers.

LUŽID filters' line will cover a full range of ND1000, CPL, UV filters and an innovative range of CPL/ND16 Combo Filters. Ten (10) different sizes starting from 46mm up to 95 mm of Brass frame diameters will be there to serve all needs.

Common Features and Characteristics
  • Slim Brass Knurled Frame.
    Slim profile will introduce no vignetting to Wide-Angle lenses.
    Knurled frame offers easy grip, which combined with the harder characteristics of Brass, avoids deformation and ensures easy attachment and detachment. 
  • Double Threaded.
    Feature that allows for additional filters or hoods to be attached.
  • 16 Layer under & over Multi-coating.
    Hardened, Easy Clean Top Coat,
    Water, Oil, Dust repellent,
    Fingerprint & Scratch Resistant.
  • Schott B270 Superwhite Glass
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Plastic Case Included
LUŽID filters are aiming to the top, competing with the highest end filters by B+W®, Heliopan® and Breakthrough®, although pricewise they will sell from one third to half of the competition prices.

As mentioned previously, all filter models will be available in diameters of 46 mm, 49 mm, 52 mm, 58 mm, 62 mm, 67 mm, 72 mm, 77 mm, 82 mm, 95 mm

ND1000 Neutral Density
ND1000 10 Stop Neutral Density promises No Color casting.
Slim Double Threaded Frame which allow stacking is just 4.3mm (without rear threads) making it ideal for Wide angle lenses.

LUŽID ND1000 Neutral Density 77 mm filter
The knurled frame allows for easily unscrewing stuck threads without the need of a tool.

Circular Polarizer
The CPL filter has a Slim Rotating Frame for different polarizing effects but still it is just 5.2 mm tall (without rear threads).

LUŽID Circular Polarizer 77 mm filter
It is obvious in the photo above that the CPL filter has a knurled frame which differs in the fixed and rotating part patterns. The frame features also indentations on the top rim of the frame, for easy grip from the front within a lens hood.

CPL / ND16 Combo
However, besides the ND and CPL models there will be a Combo filter released soon, with the same Characteristics. That is a darker CPL filter with ND 16 index.

Brass Step Up Filters
In addition to the above, a line of Brass Step Up Rings will be available, sharing the same mechanical characteristics.

LUŽID Brass Step Up Ring
Those are the same Brass Knurled Frame for easy attachment / detachment and rigidity against deformation.
The Step Up Rings come in four (4) sizes 46-52 mm, 52-58 mm, 67-77 mm and 72-77 mm so the same filter size, which is nevertheless costly, may be shared among the most popular lens filter-thread diameters.

Price and Availability:
Announced prices for the LUŽID filters range from US$ 59.95 to US$ 89.95 according to function and diameter, while the Bras Step Up Rings sell for only US$ 9.95. Luzid products can be found in  Amazon as well as in eBay worldwide.
At the moment only selected models are available. More models are coming soon as well as sales through a UK distributor will serve European Residents.

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