February 21, 2017

New Luzid 100 mm ND Filter Set from Desmond

The brand of "Art of Sharp" aka LUZID filters was recently enriched with a Set of Neutral Density filters.
However, these are not circular like the high end brass framed LUŽID Circular Polarizer and ND1000 Brass Filters introduced last year, but square glass with a 100 mm side, fitting all 100 mm filter holders from Cokin Z, Haida 100 and others.

LUŽID 100 mm ND Filter Set

The 100 mm Neutral Density filter Set includes an ND8, an ND64 and an ND1000 filters covering 3, 6 and 10 stops respectively. The set comes in a padded 3 pocket wallet with Velcro closure and a Velcro belt loop.

Common Features and Characteristics
Luzid 100mm filters share the same high quality characteristics with their circular relatives:
  • 16 Layer under & over Multi-coating.
  • Hardened, Easy Clean Top Coat,
    Water, Oil, Dust repellent,
    Fingerprint & Scratch Resistant.
  • Schott B270 Superwhite Glass
  • Lifetime Warranty
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Price & Availability:
Current price of the Luzid 100 mm ND Filter Set is US$ 169.95 and is available either from Amazon or from eBay

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