March 14, 2017

Desmond Affordable Long Tele Lens Support Kit Preview

Desmond Long Tele Lens Suport kit overview

A nice and very affordable Long Lens Support Bracket has been introduced as a kit, by Desmond Photographic Distributors. As expected from Desmond the kit has nothing to be jealous of  known brand name kits with a quadruple price tag.

The kit is comprised by two main components, that are the Desmonf DLY and the Desmond DVC-220, which were selling as stand alone units, for quite some time now.

The DLY Yoke
In more detail the DLY is a modular Arca style yoke acting as a rest for the long telephoto lens front barrel. It is an all metal construction with only rubber parts the O rings around the lens support wheels.

Manufacturer Specification:
Maximum Height:147 mm
Width:38 mm
Lens Support width:96 mm
Groove Length:84 mm
Thickness:10.1 mm
Weight:120 gr

The DLY features a double Arca style dovetail (front & rear) compatible with any Arca style quick release clamp, meaning that it is fully compatible also with RRS Lever Clamps. Since there is also a vertical groove present, it can be mounted either way, by the dovetail via a quick release clamp or by a screw on a a rail featuring a front hole.

Desmond DLY Arca style Yoke
Desmond DLY Arca style modular Yoke
The DVC-220 Rail
On the other hand the DVC-220 is a thick double Arca dovetail rail with an integral on-end quick release clamp. Once again all metal construction with no rubber parts even on the clamp screw knob.

Manufacturer Specification:
Maximum Height w/clamp:220 mm
Height w/o clamp:200 mm
Width rail only:39 mm
Width w/ clamp knob:73 mm
Thickness:16 mm
Bubble Level diameter:16 mm
Clamp Length:37 mm
Mounting holes:2 x 1/4"-20
Safety stop screws:2 x M3
Weight:216 gr

The original intention for the DVC-220 is to be used as a vertical rail in Panoramic photography, but the existence of  laser engraved scales on both sides as well as the 16 mm bubble level, make it ideal for use as a Long Tele Lens Support rail with on-end clamp.

The integral "on-end"clamp fits to all Arca standard quick release plates and rails, while the dovetails are even RRS Lever Clamp compatible.
Further the DVC-220 as all Desmond products is precision machined from solid aircraft-grade aluminum, Anodized to a scratch-resistant, black finish..
The rail has two holes for safety stop screws on bottom side, while on more hole exists on the open end of top side.

Desmond DVC-220 rail with right angle clamp
Desmond DVC-220 rail with right angle Arca style QR clamp on one end.
As all decent kits, also this one is accompanied by an 1/4"-20 captive mounting screw for direct mounting of the rail on a long lens and two M3 safety stop screws for the rail. A couple of Allen hex keys are included to match the mounting and safety screws accordingly.

Long Tele Lens kit screws and tools
Screws and Allen keys accompanying the Long Tele Lens kit

Adding a Dual Subtend Clamp
Although the kit can do the job by mounting the lens foot directly on the DVC-220 rail, I would suggest the addition of an also affordable Dual Subtend Clamp by Desmond the DBC-50, for increased versatility in mounting and dismounting as well as the adjustment of a large and long telephoto lens on the Support bracket.

Desmond DDC-50 Dual Subtend Clamp top view
Desmond DDC-50 Dual Subtend Clamp viewed from top illustrating its laser engraved scales on each clamp for precise adjustment.
Desmond DDC-50 Dual Subtend Clamp side view
Desmond DDC-50 Dual Subtend Clamp side view reveals the two subtend clamps
The two clamping surfaces allow for easy fore-aft adjustment of the long lens on the DVC-220 rail as long as the lens is equipped with an Arca style lens plate. Needless to say that mounting the kit on the lens or dismounting it for packing goes like a breeze avoiding any screw tightening.

Desmond DDC-50 Dual Subtend Clamp between lens plate and rail
Usage of the Desmond DDC-50 Dual Subtend Clamp illustrated when inserted between the lens plate and the rail.

For your reference, the DBC-50 was thoroughly reviewed back in 2014 in the Desmond DBC-50 50mm Dual Subtend QR Clamp Review.
Furthermore, for detailed information about the purpose and use of a Long Lens Support Bracket please read the articles in the "Relevant Articles" section below.

I hope you found the information useful, thank you for viewing.
Photos of implementation ©2015 S.C.Vlachos, all Long Lens kit and components by courtesy of Desmond Photographic Distribution ©2017.

Price & Availability:
Current price for the Desmond LLS Kit is US$ 54.95 49.95 and is available either from Amazon or from eBay.

In addition current price for the Desmond DBC-50 is US$ 19.95 also available either from Amazon or from eBay

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