December 5, 2017

Desmond DB-44 Ball Head Comes Revamped

Desmond DB-44 Ball Head Overview

Six months after the introduction of the massive DB-52 with a new style, Desmond Photographic are now introducing its medium sized sibling with a familiar model name for Desmond, the DB-44 ball head.

Much like the Desmond DB-52 the new head follows the same design with independent friction control ring, a panning lock knob and is combined with the well known by now Desmond DAC-X1 (review) skeleton quick release clamp.

The model number 44 represents the actual diameter of its ball in millimeters, with a somewhat lower rating of 30 kg (66 lbs) of maximum load.

The Ball Head

Manufacturer Specification:
Type:Dual Drop Notch Classic
Ball Diameter:44 mm (1.73")
Base Diameter:58 mm (2.28")
Height:101 mm (3.98")
Clamp Length:50 mm (1.96")
Bottom  Mounting Thread:3/8"-16
Metal Converter Bushing:3/8"-16 to 1/4"-20
Max Load:30 Kg (66 lb)
Weight:460 gr (16 oz)

Somehow, the new DB-44 is a revamped version of the older DB-44 in many aspects maintaining only the Dual drop notches placed 90 degrees apart for convenience. Otherwise it follows the forementioned DB-52 design, leaving behind the Arca-Swiss style thumb screw for friction control and adopting the FLM style friction control ring around the Main lock knob. Same goes for the silver colored ball and silver control knobs with knurled grooves.

Desmond DB-44 Ball Head Rear Knobs view
Desmond DB-44 Dual drop notch Ball Head has a full 360° laser engraved panning scale

A major discriminating characteristic between the DB-52 and the DB-44, besides the size of course,  is the metallic indigo blue FLM style friction control ring instead of the golden one.
The friction control ring is concentric with the main ball lock knob and feels quite smother in operation and far more convenient than the usual by now Arca-Swiss® style thumb screw on the face of the main lock knob, found on many ball heads.

Desmond DB-44 bottom view
Desmond DB-44 has a 3/8"-16 bottom mounting thread and 120° spaced knobs for easy folding back of traveller tripod legs.

The DB-44 also comes with a nylon padded protective case in the box, as well as a metal bushing reducing the 3/8"-16 thread to 1/4"-20 to match different tripod studs.

Desmond DB-44 protective case and bushing
Desmond Nylon padded case and metal reducer bushing.

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Price & Availability:
Introductory price for the Demon DB-44 ball head is US$ 79.95 and is available either from Amazon or from eBay.

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