November 14, 2014

Custom Plate for Nikon D750 DSLR from Sunwayfoto

Sunwayfoto PN-D750R on Nikon D750 bottom view
Sunwayfoto's line of custom quick release plates was also enriched recently.
The PN-D750R is an Arca-Swiss® compatible quick release plate designed specifically for the Nikon D750 FX DSLR camera.

The QR plate follows the standard manufacturing processes of all Sunwayfoto products. CNC machining from aircraft grade aluminium and anodization in Black for increased corrosion resistance.

The QR Plate

Manufacturer Specification:
Length:83 mm
Width:47 mm
Total Height / Thickness:13 mm
Mounting hole thread:1/4"-20 UNC
Mounting screw thread:1/4"-20 UNC
Weight:58 gr 

Sunwayfoto PN-D750R top angled view
The PN-D750R quick release plate is flat with a convex edge in front which insures that the plate will not twist. The plate features also a strap loop on the right side near the camera grip.
Sunwayfoto PN-D750R top view
Besides the 1/4"-20 captive mounting screw, there is an off centered towards the front of the plate1/4"-20 threaded hole for direct mounting on a pod without the need of removing the plate.
Despite the existence of the convex edge on the front side, there is a fixed dowel pin which aligns and further secures the plate on the camera base.
Sunwayfoto PN-D750R bottom view
The bottom side of the PN-D750R plate is hollowed out eliminating weight as much as possible. Two M3 safety stop screws are present at either end of the base plate insuring the plate won't slip off in case of a loosened QR clamp. The stainless steel mounting screw has both a hex socket and a slot for user convenience.

Mounted on the D750

Sunwayfoto PN-D750R on Nikon D750 left-side front and rear views
The PN-D750R plate is quite wide, allowing for ample camera lateral adjustment within the QR clamp, while leaving the battery door and the tilting LCD clear.

The PN-D750R dovetail design follows the latest trend as More of Sunwayfoto Products Adopt RRS Compatibility since its dimensions are compatible with virtually all Arca style clamps including Really Right Stuff® lever clamps.

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Price & Availability:
The announced retail price for the PN-D750R QR Plate is US$ 29.00 (+Shipping where applicable) and is expected to be available from Amazon sometime in December.

Update Dec 2014
The PN-D750R QR Plate is available from Amazon and from eBay worldwide.

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