June 18, 2018

Sunwayfoto Introduced HB-01 Hot Shoe Ball Head - Preview

Sunwayfoto HB-01 Mini Ball Head overview

Three months after the introduction of their new smallest XB series Sunwayfoto XB-28II Low Profile Double Panning Ball Head Sunwayfoto has just released another tiny small diamond with similar looks.

The new HB-01 Mini ball head, is a quality all metal answer to the need for an articulated support sitting on a camera hot shoe, but not only.

The HB-01 Ball Head

Manufacturer Specification:
Top Disk Platform:28 mm
Camera Mount Type:1/4"-20 Stud 
Total Width :36 mm
Base Diameter :30 mm
Base Mounting Thread:1/4"-20
Height:55 mm
Net Weight:100 gr
Max Load:3 kg

Something that distinguishes the HB-01 from all other Sunwayfoto ball heads released up to now, is the top 28 mm diameter platform with an 1/4"-20 stud for mounting a camera or other devises directly.
Otherwise, the HB-01 follows the paradigm of its somewhat larger siblings the XB-28, XB-28II and the FB-28i in both the winged nut instead of a knob for locking its ball which offers much more torque when turned to lock and further with the provision of an independent panning lock knob.
The existence of a separate pan lock, on a ball head of this miniature size, distinguishes once again the HB-01 immediately from all similar size ball heads coming from competition.

Sunwayfoto HB-01 Mini Ball Head w/ Hot Shoe
Sunwayfoto HB-01 Mini Ball Head comes with Hot Shoe included in the pacakage

The HB-01 features a single drop notch which allows a 90° tilt of the ball. However, considering the tiny size of the head anything loaded on top must have the correct dimensions so as to be able to drop on the side or front for example.

Same as with the XB-28 versions, the panning base at the bottom is made from a different metal probably stainless steal which makes the mounting hole thread more wear resistant than aluminum. The laser engraved scale on the perimeter of the base is a full 360° though, something also very rare if even existent on ball head s of this caliper.


Most obvious by description, the first use the tiny ball head is intended for, is to sit in the hot show of probably larger DSLR via its included shoe. There on LED lights, LCD screens and whatever else with a 1/4"-20 socket, can find their place.

Sunwayfoto HB-01 Mini Ball Head on DSLR hot shoe
Sunwayfoto HB-01 Mini Ball Head mounted on a DSLR hot shoe holding Sunwayfoto FL-96 Fill Light

Nevertheless, its tiny size and very low weight makes the HB-01 a perfect companion for small tabletop tripods as the recent Sunwayfoto T1A11 Aluminum Table Top Tripod (Preview) pictured below, best fit to carry in a bag.  As illustrated below it's even capable of holding a DSLR .

Sunwayfoto HB-01 Mini Ball Head on T1A11 II tripod
Sunwayfoto HB-01 Mini Ball Head mounted on T1A11 II tripod capable of holding a DSLR camera.

Considering the all metal structure, the smooth operation with separate panning lock, offered in a very compact package at low budget price, HB-01 offers excellent value for money!

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Price & Availability:
Recommended Retail Price for the HB-01 Mini Ball Head is US$ 24.00 (+shipping where applicable) and will soon be available either from Amazon or from eBay among others.

Nonetheless, you may also purchase directly from the Sunwayfoto Store.

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